E-government branding: a conceptual paper


  • Vita Fathya Politeknik Imigrasi
  • Muhammad Arief Hamdi
  • Mila Rosmaya
  • Mas Budi Priyatno
  • Gunawan Ari Nursanto
  • Catur Susaningsih
  • Seno Setyo Pujonggo
  • Wilonotomo


E-government, Branding, E-government Branding


The public sector has provided technology-based service which has profound impact on public behavior as its clients. The public service has widely used information and communication technology, which is known as e-government to interact with its clients. To communicate the e-government, public sector organizations apply marketing approaches such as branding. The purpose of this conceptual paper was to analyze the branding of e-government. Utilizing the concept of public sector branding and service branding, this paper proposes the definition of e-government branding, including its benefits and typologies.